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Top 10 Donors in the Last Year

Donor AgencyActual Disbursements (USD)
Government of Australia36,571,482.62
World Health Organization6,443,946
United States Agency for International Development5,652,928.81
World Bank5,347,852.7
United Nations Children's Fund4,421,302.48
Government Of Japan4,219,320.78
European Union3,964,841.01
New Zealand Aid Programme, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade3,811,790.73
United Nations Population Fund3,283,380
Green Climate Fund2,984,408.22

Last 10 updated projects

Activity Updated OnProject TitleDonor Agency
31/01/2024Strengthening the Border Management Capacity in Timor-Leste-IB.0265Australian Department of Home Affairs
31/01/2024Community-Based Active Case Detection and Management of Tuberculosis in Timor-Leste. MA.0472International Organization for Migration Development Fund
25/01/2024Strengthening the quality infrastructure system to enhance export compliance of the food and beverage sector.Minister Coordinator of Economic Affairs
08/01/202402000238-Human Trafficking ProjectUN Women
08/01/2024Implementation of the Arafura and Timor Seas Regional and National Strategic Action Programs (ATSEA-2) (00110428)Global Environment Facility Trust Fund, United Nations Development Programme
08/01/2024Recycling Promotion Pilot Project (100474)Ministry of State Administration - Office of the Ministry of State Administration, New Zealand Aid Programme, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, United Nations Development Programme
08/01/2024The Accelerating Clean Energy Access to Reduce Inequality (ACCESS) project: 126532/ 120573Korean International Cooperation Agency, South South Cooperation Fund
08/01/2024Safeguarding rural communities and their physical assets from climate induced disasters in Timor-Leste. 107294Green Climate Fund, United Nations Development Programme
08/01/2024The Project for Enhancing for the Green Transfomation in the Pacific Towards Net-Zero Emissions and Climate-Resilient Development for PeaceGovernment Of Japan
08/01/2024Community Infrastructure for Resilience Project (CIReP) The Project for the Improvement of Community InfrastructureGovernment Of Japan, United Nations Development Programme

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